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Our Team

Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon - Financial Planner and Chief Financial Officer

Chris has been working in the financial services industry since 2005. He has a track record of going the extra mile for his clients, using his knowledge of real-world business, combined with his financial expertise to enable his clients to reach their financial goals and secure their financial future. Chris is a founding partner of PAC Financial and is passionate about helping his clients. Chris loves being a part of improving people’s lives financially and works hard on achieving the best outcomes for them. Something people often notice about Chris is his ability to present financial planning in a way that is clear and easy to understand. He also has a keen eye for the finer details, excellent communication skills and a friendly demeanour. Outside of work Chris spends most of his time with his young family. He enjoys a range of sports but mostly looks forward to the spring carnival each year.


Dan Pianta

Danny Pianta - Financial Planner and Chief Operating Officer

At PAC Financial, Dan drives the company’s strategic growth, business development and oversees the talented and passionate staff.

As an experienced business leader, Dan has been in financial services since 1999. Before founding PAC Financial he assisted Chubb, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer as State and Regional Manager responsible for customer growth and adviser development throughout most states and territories in Australia. He has a deep experience in enabling business transformation, establishing innovation, and is known for his passion for attracting top talent to deliver on breakthrough strategies.

Dan’s curiosity and fascination with what is important to people has shaped his determination to build a company that looks after what’s important and makes a difference in people lives. Beyond Dan’s professional work, he spends most of his time with his family and is a lover of the outdoors.


Clint Gillman

Clint Gillman – Financial Planner

Clint joined the PAC team in 2015 and brings with him a broad knowledge from numerous industries. Having worked in banking, insurance, real estate, business services, as well as construction, forestry and farming, Clint brings a wealth of experience and understanding of potential issues you may face on your advice journey.

Clint chose to pursue a career in financial planning after a desire to help others work with their money in smarter ways. Clint takes pride in the small detail, leaving no stone unturned in a search for the right solution for his clients. Ditching the jargon, Clint can discuss complex issues in a way that makes sense, helping you to make important decisions about your future.

Outside of work, Clint enjoys spending time with his young family, as well as building furniture, hiking, fishing, and snorkelling (but only in the warmer months – it is Tassie after all).

What you can expect when working with Clint is open and clear communication around where you are and the steps to get where you need to go. Taking the hard work away from you, Clint provides a pain free transition to help you achieve your goals and dreams, bringing the thought of “one day” to “today”.


Mervin Robert

Mervin Robert – Financial Planner

For over 7 years Mervin Robert has been a noteworthy adviser in the financial planning space. Mervin has been an employee of PAC Financial since 2015, he is experienced in superannuation, wealth protection (life, tpd, trauma and income protection insurance), savings and debt management advice.  Driven by his commitment to his clients, he takes pride in providing the best possible advice to meet his client’s goals.

In his spare time Mervin likes to try, not always succeeding, to keep healthy by going to the gym and in general living a healthy lifestyle. Mervin is passionate about his family and outside of work they are the most important thing to him.

As a financial planner, Mervin is a member of the Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) and continually grows his knowledge of the financial planning industry.


Nathan Bosman

Nathan Bosman – Financial Planner

Nathan has worked in the financial services industry since 2013. Nathan has a diverse background, both in culture and his experience in management and technical roles, giving him a unique insight and perspective when dealing with his clients.

Nathan embraces a customer centric approach to advice and service with the aim to address the needs of his clients holistically and comprehensively.

The most important facet of the advice process for Nathan is his relationship with his clients and many people find him to be relatable and his approach and transparency to be refreshing. Nathan believes that the education of his clients and the cultivation of their understanding of the risks is key and is the first step in providing clarity as part of a carefully considered strategy.

Nathan enjoys spending time at home with his wife and children when not at work and loves to travel as he is fascinated by other cultures and history.


Chez Podmore

Chezelle Podmore – Claims and Client Service Manager

Chezelle has worked in financial services since 2014 and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She constantly strives for excellence and quality to assist both advisers and staff to achieve the best results for clients and helping build PAC Financial to become a notable company in the industry.

Chezelle has worked in several industries from hospitality to construction but ultimately has a great passion and keen eye for detail in financial services.  She loves going the extra mile and building great rapport with clients to assist with everything from implementation to the final outcome.

Outside of work, Chezelle loves the outdoors including camping and 4-wheel driving.  When not spending time with family, she and her husband love catching up with friends for a BBQ or enjoying weekend getaways.


Mustafa Alansari

Mustafa Alansari – Senior Paraplanner

Having completed his accounting studies and worked in taxation services, Mustafa pursued further studies and completed his master’s degree in financial planning and joined the PAC Financial team in early 2016.

With a keen eye for detail and technical knowledge, Mustafa assists our advisors with everything from helping develop strategies, financial modeling, creating advice documents and navigating the ever-changing world of compliance.

Outside of work, if not spending time with family and friends, Mustafa would be watching tv shows, movies, documentaries and YouTube videos.


Ryan Singh

Ryan Singh – Paraplanner

Ryan has been working in the finance industry since 2013. Shortly after completing his Bachelor of Commerce he started as an Accountant before transitioning to a Paraplanner when joining PAC Financial in 2017.

Ryan’s main role at PAC Financial is to review the adviser files to ensure a high standard is being maintained and drafting Statement of Advice documents that comply with the relevant standards and laws. Ryan prides himself on being thorough during the review process to ensure the best outcome for the client and being efficient when it comes to his Statement of Advice output.

Outside of work Ryan spends his time learning about new technology and researching stocks and financial instruments for investment opportunities.


Sarah Daffey

Sarah Daffey – Junior Paraplanner

Sarah completed her accounting and financial planning studies in early 2020, graduating with a Bachelor of Commerce.  She is driven and organised in all aspects of her life, when she sets out to do something it gets done.

She does not only bring her formal education but her great customer service skills that she obtained by working in a retail environment for 10 years.  Her mission at PAC Financial is to become a crucial part of the support team as a paraplanner.

In her spare time, she likes to go on hikes, create digital and physical art.  She also enjoys looking after more exotic animals such as her two turtles.


Osvaldo Da Silva

Osvaldo De Silva – Adviser Support Officer

Osvaldo has recently joined PAC Financials’ adviser support team at the Browns Plains office. He brings with him extensive experience in Business and Economics. Osvaldo graduated from University of Queensland with a Bachelor degree majoring in Economics and Development and also completed a Diploma of Financial Planning. He is looking to further develop his skills/knowledge in the Financial Planning industry to pursue a career as a Financial Planner/Adviser.

Osvaldo has a keen eye for detail and has a high-level proficiency in communicating with Clients from all backgrounds. He can keep calm and cool in high-pressure situations because he works on anticipation instead of reacting to a situation. 

Osvaldo is driven by his main passion in Business which is he wishes to help as many people as he can, doing so in a professional and efficient manner.