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Industries with the highest incidence rate of occupational disease were:
  • mining
  • public administration and safety
  • manufacturing
  • transport, postal and warehousing
  • construction
(Statistical Bulletin 2012/13, NSW WorkCover)


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Ask yourself… If you suffered an accident or were diagnosed with an illness that stopped you from working how would you cope financially?

The table below shows the average Australian expenses at different stages of life. How would you or your family cover these everyday costs if you couldn’t work?

Weekly spend by life stage
 Lone person aged under 35Couple only (reference person aged under 35)Couple with kids (eldest child under 5)Couple with kids (eldest child between 5-14)Couple with kids (eldest child between 14-24)
Housing $278 $360 $364 $325 $242
Fuel & power $20 $26 $28 $43 $48
Food & drink $104 $207 $224 $279 $314
Clothing & footware $23 $52 $54 $64 $82
Medical & health expenses $24 $58 $67 $77 $104
Alcohol $24 $41 $26 $31 $35
Transport $142 $224 $220 $254 $332
Recreation $106 $182 $132 $208 $253
TOTAL Costs $869 $1,429 $1,484 $1,670 $1,900

In the 3 minutes it took you to explore this table, Australian households spent $3,500,000.

Source: Australian spending habits – Australian Securities and Investment Commission